“Our brand carries the genes of an athlete”

— Li Ning

Li-Ning is the Chinese leader in athletic apparel and footwear, rooted in the vision of its founder and namesake, the champion gymnast, Mr. Li Ning. He founded the company in 1990 with the simple goal of providing Chinese athletes a national brand to wear on the world stage of the Olympics — historically one of the West’s rare portals into authentic Chinese culture. This modest intention has, 30 years later, led to the rise of a global sport pioneer. Residing at the forefront of 21st-century design and technology while celebrating its own, storied heritage, Li-Ning explores the tension between past and future, man and nature, exibility and strength. Yet it is ultimately driven by the boundless potential of the human body.

As a world class gymnast with 106 gold medals himself, Mr. Li is testament to this. His most singular achievements include winning six out of seven gold medals at the Sixth World Cup Gymnastic Competition in 1982, earning him the nickname, “The Prince of Gymnastics.” In 1984, Mr. Li won three gold medals, two silver and one bronze to become the most honored athlete at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games, held in Los Angeles. In 1999, the World Sports Correspondent Association named him among the “World’s Most Excellent Athletes” of the 20th Century. More recently, Mr. Li lit the torch at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, held in Beijing.

Innovation informs the heart of the Li-Ning brand and its products. This unique combination has led to the imprint’s dominance across its core sport product categories: basketball, running, badminton, and training. With basketball in particular, Li-Ning’s impact is truly global in reach, noted for its sponsorship of and close collaboration with NBA superstars, Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler, Fred VanVleet, CJ McCollum and D’Angelo Russell.

By driving perpetual research and development,

Li-Ning is able to o er the most forward-thinking products,

experiences, partnerships and services, while using

cut-through technologies and materials.

Having participated in multiple Paris Fashion Weeks already, it is Li-Ning’s intention to continue showcasing the brand’s premium collection there in the years to come. Furthering its commitment to the city, in January 2020, Li-Ning announced its alignment with the esteemed museum and cultural hub, The Centre Pompidou, introducing a robust, multi-faceted 3-year patronage partnership.

Intersecting fashion, sport, art and culture, the patronage will see Li-Ning supporting many of The Centre Pompidou’s exciting, multidisciplinary programs, while also utilizing the epic venue’s sprawling, gallery spaces to host and execute runway presentations when applicable.

The partnership launched with the staging of the brand’s Autumn / Winter 2020 runway show — kicking o Li-Ning’s 30th Anniversary year — followed by the sponsorship of two of The Centre Pompidou’s most anticipated exhibitions: “Matisse, Like A Novel” and, appropriately, MOVE, an annual series focusing on live performance, choreography, dance and movement.

This exciting relationship extends into 2021 with this year’s edition of the MOVE festival as well as The Centre Pompidou’s opening of “Women in Abstraction”, an exhibition celebrating and highlighting the contributions of over one hundred female artists in the realm of abstract art. Dynamic in scope, this pioneering new show honors women in the arts, featuring works culled from across the globe dating as far back as the late 19th century through to the 1980s.